Coworking Office Space in San Luis Potosi

When you get tired of working from home or the local coffee shop surrounded by clutter and noise, it's time to consider working at a coworking office space. Nomadaa offers many different sizes of office spaces in a beautiful downtown area that is perfect for you. If you need a coworking office in San Luis Potosi, book a space today with Nomadaa. 

Benefits of a Coworking Space

One unexpected benefit of a coworking space is the increase in networking opportunities. You may be around other people who are business owners, and when you work in a shared space, you can take advantage of talking to them. Other benefits of a coworking office are increased productivity, boosted creativity, and fewer costs. 

Perks of Our Coworking Space

Our coworking office space is conveniently located around the corner from our coffee shop where we serve gourmet coffee. The coffee shop is also available to be used as a common area if you're utilizing our office space. Besides the coffee shop, the architecture of our historic building is something to be in awe of. Who doesn't want to work in a space that looks and feels beautiful?

One perk of our four available office spaces is that they are rented by the hour. You don't have to make a bigger commitment than that. Two of the four spaces fit 6 people, one space fits 8 people, and one space seats 12 people. On top of the four office areas, we have a nice room we like to call Boveda. The Boveda fits 50 people in a classroom-type setting, or it can be modified to your needs.

Finally, above the coffee shop and the Boveda, we have a terrace that fits 50 to 75 people. The terrace can be converted to a meeting space or used as a common area for people renting the coworking office.

If this sounds like the right space for you, be sure to contact us about one of the spaces today.