1st Nomad Gathering

On January 10, 2020, Nomadaa officially began its operations.

Why Nomadaa? We have four business units within the same place: cafeteria, co-working, hourly office rental, parking, and very soon, social events.

The Nomad refers to all those looking for a non-fixed space to work or have coffee in a pleasant place. We love the idea of ​​receiving both local and foreign people who come to develop projects and network with other Nomads. At the opening event, called “Tertulia Nómada,” we had the Councilor’s pleasant presence, Daniel González Ayala, whom we thank for being present during our daily activities. One of his missions as Councilor is to support entrepreneurship, just what we are looking for. Support entrepreneurs who cannot pay office rent and the services that this includes. Therefore, co-working is a functional space for this stage of growth.

During this Tertulia, we had conferences and workshops, with topics of interest to the entrepreneur.

This is how we had our inauguration!

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